Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do

  • Simply put, we convert your old boring plastic debit/credit card into metal (stainless steel).
  • We transplant the EMV from your plastic card onto your new metal card. (Patented Technology). We also transfer the data of your magnetic strip over to the metal card.
  • You will have a fully functional metal credit card (Swipe and EMV chip) except for the tap and pay feature. You can certainly use your smartphone for the tap and pay feature. 


  1. Simply place your order online.
  2. You will then receive an email with a prepaid label and tracking number attached (Prepaid labels are for USA orders only).
  3. Place your plastic card into any envelope and affix the label on the envelope and mail it out. 
  4. We will receive your card in 2-3 business days. 
  5. Once received, we will laser your desired design on to the metal card, remove the EMV chip from your plastic card and transplant it onto the metal card. We then transfer the magnetic strip data onto the metal card from your plastic card. This will take us 1 day. 
  6. Once completed, we will email you a photo of your card and the tracking # for your new metal card. It will be shipped out the same day USPS Priority Mail (Fedex for international orders).
  7. You receive your awesome new metal card along with your old plastic one. You are in awe of your new personalized metal card so you tag us on your social media with a 5 star review on Yelp 🙂

The Process

  • To be able to have a fully functional metal card you will have to ship us your existing card. We will then transfer all the data from your old card to your new metal card. Yes, we transfer the data from the magnetic strip to the metal card. 
  • We will also be using our Patented Technology (first of its kind) to remove your EMV chip from your original card and transfer it onto your new metal card. We will return your original card along with your new personalized metal card.
  • Please note that once we remove the EMV chip from your original plastic card, that card will no longer be functional. You will only be able to swipe with it. You will be using your new metal credit card in its place.
  • Removing the EMV chip is optional. Please note, without the EMV chip on your new metal card, your card will not work on the new POS machines that require you to insert your card, however it will work if you swipe the card on these terminals.



  • WOW! This card is heavy!
  • Such a cool card!
  • I have never seen a card like this before.
  • What do you do? 
  • Can I have your phone number? 
  • Are you rich? (Actually no one will ask you this, but they are thinking it, LOL). 


  • It is not recommended to use these metal cards in ATM machines or any machines that requires the full insertion of the card into the reader. The problem with some of these machines it that the metal card is too stiff for the rollers to eject the card properly. The card could get stuck in these machines. It is only recommended in machines where the card is inserted but there is a part of the card that is still exposed to be able grasp it if is does get stuck. 
  • Your original plastic card will still work in the ATM machines without the EMV chip. The ATM machines will be reading the magnetic strip from your plastic card. So it is preferred to use your plastic card in the ATM machines or your smartphone instead. 
  • You can also certainly setup your smartphone to use the contactless feature (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, ect…) to access the ATM machines. A bank representative will certainly help you with that if you ask.
  • If your metal card does get stuck in these machines, walk into the branch with your ID to claim your card back.
  • Your new metal card should work every where your plastic card works. Since the only difference now is the housing for the EMV chip is no longer sitting in your plastic card but a metal one. Remember your credit card is the EMV chip and not the plastic housing around it. 


  • No, it will not. But you can always use your smartphone to enable “tap and pay” with your phone if this is something that you would like to keep.
  • The tap and pay (contactless) feature is very tricky. Some of the antennas are actually in the plastic card themselves. Some are only on the EMV chip. It is hard to tell without removing the EMV chip first.
  • If the antenna is in the plastic card then the “tap and pay” feature will no longer function. If it is in the EMV chip only, then it will work if the frequency is strong enough to pass through the metal of the card. The metal will be blocking the frequency emitted from the EMV chip and will not be able to register at the POS machine.
  • We are still researching on a technology to enable the transfer of “tap and pay” functionality. At this time we do not have one. 


  • Yes, we transfer the data from your plastic card over to the metal card. 
  • Some POS machines (mostly the older ones) could have a hard time reading the magnetic strip since it is on a metal card. It might have to be swiped 2-3 times for it be be read. Some rare cases it might not be read it all. This is a common problem once again only with the older POS card readers since they were designed to only read plastic cards and not metal cards. 


Everything on the card can be customized. After all, it is your card and you can design it anyway you would like. We are here to help you with the design.


  • Lion Credit Card GUARANTEES this process is safe or YOUR MONEY BACK!!
  • Lion Credit Card will also cover any charges incurred by your bank for the replacement of your bank card if your card info were to be compromised during the time we process your order. 


Yes, we do offer insurance for the cards. It is $99 for 2 year up to 2 replacement cards. This will cover lost or stolen cards, and bank re-issued cards. To qualify, please make sure you add this option when you place your order. It must be done at time of purchase. There is a $25 shipping and handling fee for each occurrence for US orders and $65 for international orders. 


We are in the business of making custom cards for our long-term customers – NOT stealing information. What we offer is a very unique product and we are in a very unique business, and with that we pride ourselves in gaining your trust. We do not store any of your credit card information in anyway. We only transfer the data from your card to your new metal card. 

Please realize, in order for us to produce a fully functional custom design card of your choice, you will need to ship us your card. There is simply no other method for us to do so without it. We do not ask for your PIN, social security number, pass code or anything of that sort. However, if you are still concerned, you do have the option to send a debit/pre-paid card with zero monetary funds available. Or a card that has not been activated or freeze your card during the time we process your order. We do not store any card information (unless instructed by you to do so for issuing future card updates) after we have made your custom card – we have it only for the time needed.  Once your new metal card is complete, all of your personal information will be deleted. 

We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  We also have 3 trademarks along with a Patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. We would not want to risk anything to lose our accreditation or our patents and trademarks. 

You are also welcome to come to our lab facility where we can make your card while you watch as your card is designed right before your eyes. Our lab is located in San Jose, CA. 

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